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Keep your infrastructure safe

Operating from home, on the cloud, on premises or any combination!

Managed Services

Benefit from our all-inclusive managed services

Let us monitor your infrastructure for you!

Enterprise edition

Let AI be your partner

Engage artificial intelligence to help you expect the unexpected!

About Security Infusion

SIEM, monitoring and more

Security Infusion is an all-in-one solution, leveraging a plethora of the state-of-the-art technologies delivered by a security experts’ team. Flexible and robust, provides the means to strengthen your organization’s security posture. Through an intuitive, single pane of glass monitoring, several ready-made integrations are provided, including BitDefender antivirus and firewall, Symantec DLP, FortiGate firewall and an ever-growing list of market-leading software solutions. Security Infusion also provides out of the box reports, alerts and compliance capabilities, while being extensible to adapt to any IT infrastructure: on prem, cloud or hybrid.


Who is it for


Small or Medium Enterprises

SMEs struggle with heterogeneous infrastructure. Employees work from home or the office. Servers are located on prem, in one or more physical locations or hosted on the cloud. Security Infusion enables central infrastructure and security events management

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IT service providers

Several clients, different needs, not to mention a multitude of technologies, software solutions and compliance needs that demand 24x7 monitoring. Security Infusion delivers a cost-effective, intuitive SIEM & monitoring solution with a growing number of adapters covering a wide range of client needs.


Medium to large organizations

As infrastructure size grows, so does complexity. Our all-inclusive managed services include daily monitoring of your infrastructure, weekly detailed reports including an executive summary and actionable mitigations and quarterly vulnerability assessments.



Single pane of glass monitoring

Monitor your critical infrastructure 24x7 through a single dashboard – drill down to a low-level historical event when needed!

Endpoint protection

Take security to the edge. With the Security Infusion agents, the initial data collection and evaluation takes place on the edge device.

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Alerting & Reporting

Be notified in your email or slack account about malicious activity. Export reports for the systems’ status identifying new vulnerabilities with actionable feedback.


Investigate historical data and find the series of events that caused an incident. Then act to restore and secure against the identified root cause.

Artificial Intelligence

Boost efficiency and effectiveness by employing AI to identify hidden threats!


Managed Services

Our security experts’ team will monitor your infrastructure 24x7 and notify you on critical security incidents with suggested remediation actions. Security Infusion managed services include a weekly report that provides an executive summary of your security posture, along with a detailed analysis of the status, events captured, and related incidents related to your infrastructure.

Our track record speaks for itself. 98% of the incidents were identified in less than 24 hours, with 90% of the incidents being identified and reported within the first two hours! On the contrary, identification of a data breach lifecycle reached globally an average of 6 months in 2020, costing on average $3.6 millions.

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